Johnson Matthey Formox

Johnson Matthey Formox focuses on its core skills in catalysts, precious metals, fine chemicals and process technology. Its products are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.

From its development in 1959 there has been continuous evolving of the FORMOX™ process, technology and catalysts, and it is now the world leader in this field. We have supplied over 100 formalin plants to producers all over the world, and our catalyst is used in these and many other oxide process HCHO plants.

Our unique experience spans 50 years and covers everything from process development and plant design to long experience in formaldehyde production, as well as catalyst R&D and manufacturing. In addition, we offer long-term technical support to more than 100 plants we have supplied throughout the world so far.

The Johnson Matthey Formox business, previously part of the Perstorp group, was acquired by Johnson Matthey in 2013.

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