INTERCAT addition systems Johnson Matthey

INTERCAT addition system have been in widespread use on the FCC process since the mid 1980’s, and  today there are over 300 units installed in refineries throughout the world.

These addition systems come in a variety of configurations, for adding additives from a few kilograms per day to fresh catalyst systems at tens of tons per day. Our fresh catalyst addition systems are recommended for new FCCs by licensors Technip Stone & Webster, Axens, UOP and CBI Lummus.

The advantages of an INTERCAT addition system include:

  • Reliable and precise additions.  Allows for improved control of unit severity


  • The ability to control e-cat activity.  Permits higher throughputs, higher severities or the processing of a greater range of feed stocks.


  • The ability to add additives separately from the fresh catalyst. Allows the refiner the flexibility to quickly respond to changing market conditions.


  • More stable and efficient FCCU operation.  Adding small shots of additive over a 24 hour period is up to three times more efficient than adding large quantities at the end of each shift.

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