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The KATALCO 35-series of ammonia synthesis catalysts combines long life with high activity ensuring profitability and security for your plant. Not all ammonia synthesis catalysts are the same, and the KATALCO range offers some of the highest ammonia makes compared to any type of ammonia synthesis catalyst .

The catalysts are available in a wide range of sizes in both pre-reduced and oxidic form that are suitable for all designs and types of converter.

KATALCO 74-series of ammonia catalysts contain promoters which offer superior activity and long life at all pressures. This benefit is being particularly pronounced in the 80-120 bar (1160-1740 psi). It has been proven in operation since the mid-1980s and is also used in Uhde Dual Pressure Process.

Our ammonia synthesis catalysts are based on more than 80 years’ operating experience with ICI, along with more than 100 years’ of operating experience with BASF and extensive experience of all other operating technologies.  This legacy and leadership within the ammonia synthesis market has been further developed and improved by Johnson Matthey.

In addition to references that have operated for 20 years, KATALCO catalysts are installed in the world’s largest ammonia plant, the world’s most efficient ammonia plant and the world’s lowest pressure ammonia plants. KATALCO catalysts are also proven in every type of ammonia synthesis converter design.

Ammonia synthesis loopOur ammonia synthesis product range includes:                               

  • KATALCO 35-series
  • KATALCO 74-series


Product bulletins:

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