AGHR and autothermal catalysts

The mechanical and physical requirements of an oxygen blown secondary are the most arduous in the plant. Johnson Matthey combines sophisticated computational fluid dynamic (CFD) techniques and process modelling, calibrated against data generated from its syngas generation (SGG) pilot plant, to ensure the best performance from its state of the art range of catalysts. Johnson Matthey offers their range of DAVY reactor technology including a proven burner design.

The range of QUADRALOBE autothermal (also known as secondary) reforming catalysts provide both high stability and high activity, allowing us to offer the best mix of activity, pressure drop and high temperature stability for your application.

The following autothermal catalysts are available in the range:                                        

  • KATALCO 23-8Q/GQ/EQ series
  • KATALCO 28-4Q/GQ series
  • KATALCO 54-8Q/GQ series


Product bulletins:

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