Catalyst testing Johnson Matthey

A key strength of  Johnson Matthey Process Technologies is its unique approach in catalyst performance testing.

Our experience in chemical process technology, combined with an extensive range of testing rigs, gives us an advantage in delivering optimum catalyst solutions.

  • Capability to test catalyst performance throughout the development and scale-up process, from initial screening on
  • Milligram scale through to pilot testing on kilogram scale
  • Fixed bed test rigs operating from ambient conditions to 500°C and 240 bar
  • Capability to test catalysts in both gas and liquid phase applications with on-line analysis of feed and product streams
  • Spinning basket autoclave to rapidly screen fixed bed applications from ambient conditions to 400°C and 300 bar
  • Multistream microreactor systems to study intrinsic chemical reactivity under a wide range of conditions
  • Multireactor whole pellet test facility for comparative catalyst performance tests and benchmarking
  • Slurry phase autoclaves operating from ambient conditions to 400°C and 300 bar