Johnson Matthey offers a wide range of catalysts, process technologies and services for the petrochemical industries.  We have a reputation for leading process and catalyst development in these areas, and constantly strive to deliver even better products and processes for our customers.<

Olefins Johnson Matthey



Selective and full hydrogenation catalysts and absorbents for olefin processes.

Alcohols Johnson Matthey



Processes, technologies, base and pgm catalysts for oxo-alcohols, BDO production and ring hydrogenation for plasticisers.

Solvents and fuels Johnson Matthey


Solvents and fuels

Catalysts for de-aromatisation, saturation and sulphur removal in hydrocarbons plus technology for NMP, DME, DMF and ethyl acetate.

Fluorochemicals Johnson Matthey



Bulk and promoted chromia and pgm catalysts for hydrofluorination and hydrodehalogenation.

Formaldehyde Johnson Matthey



Market leading FORMOX™ process technology, catalysts and services for formaldehyde production.

Chemical intermediates Johnson Matthey


Chemical intermediates

Catalysts, processes and technologies for chemical intermediates such as amines, aniline, hydrogen peroxide, caprolactam and other intermediates.

Environmental catalysts Johnson Matthey



Catalysts and technologies for the reduction of VOCs, odour removal, COD and hypochlorite destruction.