Johnson Matthey's DAVY™ reforming technologies transform natural gas into synthesis gas (syngas, predominantly CO, CO2 and H2). Syngas is a feedstock for the DAVY gas to liquids (GTL) and methanol processes.

We offer different reforming technologies to fit various operating conditions, creating syngas by the reaction of hydrocarbon feeds with water, CO2 or via combustion.

  • auto-thermal reformer (ATR)
    • DAVY ATR technology partially combusts feed gas to generate heat for the endothermic reforming reaction. This self-heating (‘auto-thermal’) mechanism largely eliminates the need for any external heating.
  • gas-heated reformer (GHR)
    • DAVY GHR works in combination with our ATR by partially reforming the ATR’s feed stream. It does this by operating as a simple interchanger, using the ATR’s hot product stream to drive the endothermic reforming reaction.
  • steam methane reformer (SMR)
    • Steam methane reforming is used for most methanol plant production worldwide. As the name indicates, the technology reacts natural gas with steam to produce syngas.

It is also possible to combine DAVY reformers to optimize output, depending on process requirements. Contact us for further information.

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