CRG methanation

The CRG family of methanation catalysts contains high activity nickel catalysts that achieve high conversion with relatively low catalyst volumes. They have good thermal stability and resistance to residual poisons in the gas to achieve a long life while giving the flexibility to operate over a wide temperature range resulting in high efficiency and effective heat recovery.

CRG catalysts are available in several sizes and shapes to balance catalyst properties and minimize system pressure drop, so improving process efficiency.

CRG catalysts are optionally available in a pre-reduced and stabilized form to allow faster initial start-up of the plant and simplification of the process equipment which may otherwise be designed for in situ catalyst reduction.

CRG catalyst has high activity to allow the final reactor to operate at a low temperature and thus providing a very high conversion. This gives the final product a very high methane content and low concentrations of hydrogen and CO2.

The CRG catalyst portfolio includes:

  • CRG-S
  • CRG-SR


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