The urea process has a relatively limited conversion per pass and involves gas recycle. The CO2 contains some H2 which builds up on recycle to form a potential explosive mixture. Oxygen is therefore added to the CO2 stream which reacts with the H2 over the PURAVOC 73 catalyst to form water. The purified CO2 contains some residual O2 which offers a passivation effect to the materials of construction.

PURAVOC 73 is suitable for both high pressure and low pressure applications. PURAVOC 73 is approved for use in all technologies for urea production. The catalyst is highly dispersed platinum impregnated by a proprietary process on a robust alumina pellet.


FORMOX integrated UFC process for urea production

Johnson Matthey has combined its knowhow in ammonia, methanol and formaldehyde production to deliver an innovative new way of producing urea formaldehyde concentrate (UFC up to 85 wt% urea-formaldehyde) which will generate significant cost savings when compared to the alternative of purchasing UFC from third parties. The new FORMOX integrated process, which is the subject of patent applications, is now offered commercially.

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