COD destruction Johnson Matthey

Innovative technology for water and waste water treatment

The ACCENT™ process from Johnson Matthey offers, for the first time, a fixed bed catalytic technique to remove organic contaminants (pesticides, colour, non-biodegradable organic species, etc.) from aqueous streams. It combines high performance with low operating costs, thanks to its unique design. Patents for the catalyst and process have been granted in several countries.

Uniquely meeting its market’s needs

Although the trend is towards chemical destruction processes, many available technologies are not applicable to most industrial effluent streams. There is also limited choice for low levels of COD (100-5000 ppmw) and low flow rates.

In contrast, any industrial process where organic species in aqueous waste streams cause problems is a potential user of the ACCENT process. It can be applied to both continuous or batch processes in industries such as: bulk/intermediate/effect chemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles, pulp and paper, soaps and detergents, dyes, synthetic resins, petroleum refining (spent caustic treatment), adhesives, pigments, rubber chemicals, food and beverages.

Main process features

You can employ the ACCENT process for catalytically enhanced chemical oxidation in stand-alone, pre-treatment or post-treatment roles. There is also a recycle option. It is readily integrated into your existing set-up and is upgradeable, with guaranteed options for exit hypo concentrations of less than 10 ppmw. Fully automated control is available, incorporating self-optimization. You can be sure of optimum selectivity, low levels of hypochlorite and continuous effluent monitoring. Catalyst performance is guaranteed.