A single-stage scrubbing system with high efficiency in both odour and low-level VOC destruction and chemical usage, the technology is the most attractive option for odour control across a number of industries and applications.


The ODORGARD™ process gives a high degree of control because the residence times and hypochlorite concentrations for the ODORGARD process are significantly lower than in traditional hypochlorite scrubbing systems. Low purge rates and a highly buffered system allow close control of pH (typically 9-9.5) and hence redox, which is used as a measure of hypochlorite concentration.


The ODORGARD process gives high performance because far more efficient scrubbing of odorous compounds is achieved (e.g. H2S destruction demonstrated to be in excess of 99.9%).


By utilizing the catalyst and its highly reactive surface oxygen, a much wider range of compounds can be oxidized than in traditional scrubbing, which relies upon the autogeneous oxidation reaction of the hypochlorite ion. Scrubbing efficiency with and without catalyst is illustrated in the sludge thickening application table.

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