ODORGARD solution Johnson MattheyThe innovative, effective solution

The ODORGARD™ process from Johnson Matthey uses a heterogeneous supported catalyst in a fixed-bed reactor for the destruction of odours and low level VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is particularly effective at dealing with odours formed from the processing of natural products (organic sulphides, amines etc.) and a range from gas streams (phenols, aldehydes, ketones, esters etc).

There are more than 90 units installed world-wide with both major global companies and smaller, sometimes family-owned companies. With patents for both the catalysts and process applied for or granted around the world, the ODORGARD process is recognized as a unique and practical solution to a high profile environmental problem. Developed in conjunction with Dr FHH Valentin*, the ODORGARD process is based on conventional alkaline bleach scrubbing. It utilizes a catalyst to convert the sodium hypochlorite molecule into brine and a highly reactive oxygen atom held on the surface of the catalyst. The reaction which takes place over the catalyst can be summarized thus:

Typical operability range for ODORGARD Johnson Matthey

It is this oxygen species which is responsible for the enhancement of scrubbing efficiency, both in the level to which particular compounds are oxidized and the range of compounds that can be oxidized.

The catalytic system allows efficient scrubbing of a wide range of odorous compounds and low-level VOCs in a single stage with no byproduction of chlorinated organics, but highly efficient use of the chemicals (sodium hypochlorite).

Because the ODORGARD process utilizes traditional hardware and control systems, it can be effectively retrofitted to existing scrubber systems to add a new dimension to high efficiency scrubbing.

Comparative performance of processes for sulphide removal

* was a consultant environmental and chemical engineer who worked at Warren Springs which in the early 80's was the UK's leading centre in odour control.

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