PRICAT™ 9932 – fatty acid hydrogenation
Standard grade fatty acid hydrogenation catalyst with high activity and excellent resistance to catalyst poisons and nickel leaching.

PRICAT™ 9953
Lower-nickel fatty acids hydrogenation catalyst. Lower nickel content, but activity comparable to industry standards. Good hardening results under various working conditions and good filtration properties.

PRICAT™ 9936 – dual-purpose catalyst
For plants processing mixed feedstocks and want everything from one grade of catalyst. This is suitable for hydrogenation of fatty acids or triglycerides of all qualities.

PRICAT™ 9910 – full hydrogenation of triglycerides
For those who hydrogenate before splitting into the fatty acids, this catalyst will give the optimum performance.

PRICAT™ 9939 – hydrogenation of monomer fatty acids
Our catalyst for monomer hydrogenation. The catalyst has a high stability and poison resistance.

Pd/C – hydrogenation of dimer fatty acids
Johnson Matthey supplies supported palladium catalysts for the hydrogenation of dimer fatty acids. Please contact us for more information on possibilities and grades.