Feedstock purification

Johnson Matthey manufacture the KATALCO range of absorbents and hydrogenation catalysts for feedstock purification on ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and gas to liquid (GTL) plants.

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Synthesis gas (syngas) purification

The KATALCO and PURASPEC range of absorbents and catalysts provide specialised purification solutions for SNG and methanol flowsheets where coal gasifiers or partial oxidation units are used to provide the hydrocarbon feedstock.

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Desulphurisation for solvent purification

Due to their toxicity, aromatic and olefinic species are often undesirable in a range of materials produced from solvents units, such as those used in dry cleaning, adhesives, paints, printing inks and barbecue lighting fluids. The simplest way to produce aromatic-free solvents is by hydrogenating the aromatic and olefin species. Johnson Matthey's range of HTC catalysts is the right choice for de-aromatisation and desulphurisation of these streams.

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Olefin purification

Crude olefin streams from refinery sources can bring elevated levels of carbonyl sulphide, chloride and arsine which can affect the performance of catalysts and equipment.

The new generation of PURASPEC absorbents have been shown to give effective removal and long life without impacting product quality as well as meeting some of the most demanding purity requirements of polyethylene producers, polypropylene producers and other users of high purity ethylene and propylene.

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