Feedstock purification for GTL

Removing impurities such as sulphur, mercury and other contaminants from natural gas is imperative in order to prevent the poisoning of steam reforming and other catalysts. Fischer-Tropsch synthesis takes the requirements for purification to a new level; cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts are extremely sensitive to even part per billion (ppb) levels of contaminants including sulphur compounds and these must be removed, typically to levels below 5 ppb.

Johnson Matthey manufactures the widest range of sulphur removal products on the market. These catalysts and absorbents have been formulated to operate over a wide range of temperatures and process conditions and to be simple and reliable in operation.

The range of KATALCO and PURASPEC hydrodesulphurize organic sulphur compounds, hydrolyze COS and absorb H2S. The range includes high and low temperature hydrodesulphurization, pre-sulphided catalysts where required for ease of start-up and a range of H2S absorbents covering temperatures from sub-ambient to over 400°C.

The removal of mercury has become increasingly necessary in recent years as compounds of the metal have been found to be present in many gas sources and its removal for both environmental and process reasons can be essential.  Johnson Matthey manufactures a range of absorbents for removal of mercury alone or in combination with sulphur which are simple to operate, have extremely long lives and do not release mercury in the event of process upsets or changing process conditions.


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