Fischer Tropsch

For decades, Fischer-Tropsch catalysts based on both cobalt and iron have been used for producing hydrocarbon fuels from coal derived synthesis gas. Due to increases in oil prices a wave of development focused on natural gas feedstocks and this continued as large quantities of stranded gas became available. Fischer-Tropsch technology provides an effective way of converting large amounts of natural gas in remote locations into transportable liquid fuels. More recently, the technology is being further adapted to the production of fuels from biomass and from coal.

Johnson Matthey has worked with a number of leading companies, developing and optimizing the manufacture of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts on a commercial scale. Catalysts can be supplied in oxide form or reduced, encapsulated and ready to go.

Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts for slurry bubble reactors

Slurry reactors can be an attractive technology choice for large commercial projects. Cost effective and with the potential to scale to very large capacities, these relatively novel reactors nevertheless place a considerable strain on the catalyst.

Johnson Matthey will work with you to scale up the manufacture of your catalyst and to develop this further as your requirements change. Catalysts for slurry bubble processes are normally supplied pre-reduced and encapsulated in wax and we draw on many years of experience in reduction and encapsulation to supply these products as clean, free flowing pastilles which are easy to handle and load into the Fischer-Tropsch reactor.

Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts for fixed bed reactors

Johnson Matthey has developed and adapted a range of technologies for the manufacture of fixed bed catalysts and our long experience in forming processes ensures that your formulation is produced with the characteristics required to ensure an efficient and trouble-free life.

Iron Fischer-Tropsch catalysts

While cobalt catalysts have become the preferred choice for natural gas based Fischer-Tropsch plants, the special characteristics of iron catalysts can be suited to coal or biomass feedstocks. Johnson Matthey has a long heritage in Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. Our proprietary iron catalyst has been optimised for fixed bed duties and is well suited to process requiring this type of catalyst.

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