For more than 20 years we have been developing and manufacturing chromia catalysts for the vapour phase fluorination of halocarbons with HF for the production of a wide range of fluorochemicals. Our range includes both bulk and promoted chromia catalysts.

The key benefits of our catalysts are:

High activity

  • High surface area maintained in activation
  • Resistance to loss of area by sintering and fluorination
  • Manufacturing technology and formulation designed to significantly enhance activity when compared to standard chromia catalysts

Excellent selectivity

  • High purity (low alkali metal level)
  • Low Cr (VI) content
  • Superior selectivity through catalyst design

Long life

  • Customised catalyst designs for achieving increased time between regeneration and longer overall catalyst life when compared to standard chromia catalysts.

The high mechanical strength of the catalysts not only gives continuous low-pressure drop but also guarantees trouble-free loading and unloading as dust formation is minimised. The potential to modify pellet size allows the reactor activity to be optimised for the process.

These bulk CR2O3 catalysts can also be used to facilitate dehydrofluorination and isomerisation processes.