We also offer a wide range of hydrogenation catalysts for fluorochemical manufacture by Cl/H exchange, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation. These include both base metal and supported PGM catalysts (e.g. Pd on carbon or alumina). These catalysts are characterised by high activity and selectivity whilst having long operational lifetimes.

As we have extensive expertise in this area, we are able to offer to customise our proprietary catalysts to your specific needs. With our flexible production assets we are able to manufacture a wide range of custom catalysts in various physical forms.

A wide range of fluorochemicals can be produced with these fluorination, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation catalysts and these include:

C1’s      HCFC 22, HFC 32

C2’s      HFC 134a, HCFC 124, HFC 125, HFC 143a, HFC 152a

C3’s      HCFC 225, HFC 227, HFC 245, HFC 1234yf