Johnson Matthey has combined its know-how in ammonia, methanol and UFC production to use proven technologies to develop an integrated process for the manufacture of UFC that will generate substantial savings on the ammonia-urea complex.

The FORMOXTM integrated UFC process offers producers:

  • A secure and cost effective supply of UFC
  • Affordable capital investment
  • A simple flowsheet with low operating costs
  • An optimized process based on proven Johnson Matthey catalysts and technologies.

With the integrated FORMOX process the flowsheet has been designed and optimized to reduce complexity and cost whilst maintaining the high product yield of other FORMOX offerings. A small scale UFC production plant is located on an ammonia-urea site and is fed with methanol produced in a new converter within the ammonia flowsheet. This methanol is produced using a stream that otherwise only has fuel value and can result in small improvements in the ammonia plant production or efficiency. The urea and UFC plants are linked to allow reliable supply of urea feed and UFC product to and from the UFC plant.


The simplicity of the integrated flowsheet means that no additional manpower is required to operate the new equipment which contributes to significant OPEX savings. In addition the requirement to buy in UFC from an external source is removed, ensuring reliability and security of supply.  

Utilizing Johnson Matthey’s extensive knowledge and experience in catalyst and technology developments for the ammonia, methanol and UFC markets, this low risk, simple to operate process is easily retrofitted into existing plants or can be installed as part of a new plant build.


Contact us to find out more or discuss if the FORMOX integrated process is suitable for your plant.


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