Gas to liquids

Converting natural gas to liquid fuels is an attractive prospect, particularly where the gas resource is effectively stranded in a remote location, making the conventional routes to market, by long distance pipeline or conversion to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for shipment by sea, uneconomic. The Fischer Tropsch process for converting methane containing gas to waxy paraffins and liquid fuel was discovered in the 1920s.  However, it is only much more recently that political, oil and gas market and environmental issues have brought this process to the attention of the international petroleum industry.

Johnson Matthey offers both technology and catalysts for the manufacture of Gas to Liquids via the Fischer-Tropsch process.

We work with BP to deliver our process technology. We have worked closely together to demonstrate the commercial design for a compact reforming process based on a concept first tested in the early 1990s by BP Amoco.  More information on this process is available.

Johnson Matthey is also a world-leader in catalysis science and technology. Having the right catalysts and technology is key to the success of any process but all the more so in GTL where reliability and small gains in output have a major impact on plant performance and economics.

For over 80 years, Johnson Matthey has been a strong and proven supplier of catalysts and technology for synthesis gas production. We produce the widest range of sulphur removal products for natural gas purification, have developed unique manufacturing technology for cobalt, nickel and precious metal catalysts, and can offer you the benefit of our extensive experience in catalysts and manufacturing technology to develop the optimal catalyst formulation for each stage of the GTL flowsheet, whatever your requirements.