High temperature shift catalysts for hydrogen production

The high temperature shift (HTS) section increases the hydrogen yield of the process by driving the water-gas shift reaction. The bulk of the carbon monoxide (CO) conversion occurs in this section.

Our latest high activity products are the result of extensive catalyst development in high temperature duties. They allow lower volumes of catalysts to be installed and increase the options for plant optimization.

The KATALCO 71-5 range of high temperature shift catalysts offers high activity due to the inclusion of a patented structural promoter which improves the pore size distribution. It also allows better pellet relief following wetting through ease of water vapour release during drying.

The KATALCO 71-6 range has been developed specifically for high stressed units with known waste heat boiler leakage problems and for radial flow reactors.

Our full range of high temperature shift catalysts includes:

  • KATALCO 71-5
  • KATALCO 71-5M                                                                                            


Product bulletins:

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