High temperature shift catalysts for refineries Johnson Matthey

The high temperature shift (HTS) section increases the hydrogen yield of the process by driving the water-gas shift reaction.  Most HTS reactors in hydrogen plants operate at about 335°C (635°F) inlet temperature and reduce the CO level from typical inlet levels of 10-15 mol % (dry) to 2-4 mol % (dry).

Our latest high activity products are the result of extensive catalyst development in high temperature duties.  They allow lower volumes of catalyst to be installed and increase the options for plant optimization.  Computerized kinetic models ensure installation of the correct volume for the required performance and life, and our regular monitoring service ensures the optimum operation of the catalyst throughout its life.

Our range of high temperature shift conversion product range includes:          

  • KATALCO 71-5
  • KATALCO 71-5M 


Product bulletins:
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