The world that we live in today is constantly changing: 50 years from now it will be unrecognisable. We live during a period of significant population growth, with increasing urbanisation and increasing wealth.

There are increasing restraints on our natural resources, with energy security, resource efficiency, alternative energy and recycling now global issues. And we face an increasingly diverse set of environmental factors as a result of climate change and ever tightening regulation.

On purpose hydrogen production is an essential component of many industrial processes and the growth of this industry is driven by a variety of these global changes. For some, such as industrial gas companies, hydrogen gas is a product, whilst for others, such as oil refineries it is considered a utility. In downstream chemical plants it is a critical feedstock in polymer production for chemical intermediates (aldehydes, alcohols etc). Hydrogen rich gas is also required in processes such as glass making, direct reduction of metals and Towns Gas manufacture.

At Johnson Matthey we have longstanding expertise in all of the above processes and are the world's leading supplier of hydrogen plant catalysts to these industries. In addition to manufacturing high quality catalysts for hydrogen products, we provide the most innovative portfolio of support services to cater to our customers within the industry.