Hydrogen Manu unit

Hydrogen is an integral part of any GTL plant. In partial oxidation based plants an on-purpose hydrogen manufacturing unit (HMU) is necessary to adjust the stoichiometry of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis gas and in all GTL plants hydrogen is required for product finishing operations.

Johnson Matthey has extensive experience in hydrogen manufacture and offers the full range of catalysts used in the process. The standard catalyst range includes desulphurization catalysts, pre-reforming, steam reforming and water gas shift (high, medium and low temperature) catalysts. This range is constantly being improved. We also supply catalysts for the removal of olefins and pre-shifting of Fischer-Tropsch tail gas, if this is to be used as a feed to the HMU. In particular, our range of reforming catalysts includes products able to successfully process the heavy hydrocarbon components which may be present in some natural gases and Fischer-Tropsch tail gas. The latest KATALCO reforming catalysts are formulated in a quadralobe shape, which maximizes heat transfer and reactivity for a given pressure drop.

All these catalysts are fully supported with technology and services for both large and small hydrogen units.


Product bulletins:

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