Hydroprocessing Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey promotes a range of high quality hydroprocessing catalysts to the global refineries market.  The HYTREAT™ catalyst range includes innovative products for the production of high quality naphthas, for light distillates, for ultra low sulphur diesel (<15 ppm S) and for vacuum gas oil pretreatment upstream of FCC units. Catalysts have also been developed for the hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oils.

The HYTREAT catalyst technology comprises:

  • Leading edge metals deposition technology that allows low start-of-run inlet temperatures and which assures low catalyst deactivation rates throughout the life of the catalysts.
  • Meticulously designed pore structures of the alumina extrudate carriers that provide rapid mass transfer of refractory sulphur and nitrogen species into the particle interior and which therefore ensures maximum possible use of every active site within the catalyst.
  • Robust and durable performance provided by mechanically strong extrudates.
  • The delivery of active cobalt-molybdenum-sulphide particles that allow the maximum possible extraction of sulphur from high-boiling feed stocks at low hydrogen partial pressures and with modest hydrogen consumptions.
  • The delivery of active nickel-molybdenum-sulphide particles that allow selective aromatics saturation to assure the removal of troublesome organonitrogen compounds from nitrogen-contaminated feeds with controlled hydrogen consumption.


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