Innovation at Johnson Matthey

A core principle of Johnson Matthey’s strategy is to maintain differentiation through technology supported by enhanced investment in R&D.  For Process Technologies, our emphasis is on market and business driven innovation and research and development is a key element that supports our long-term growth.

In addition to access to Johnson Matthey’s central research capability, Process Technologies have a strong grouping of business led research centres and we are growing our global reach with new facilities opening in North America and Asia.  We will continue to strengthen our capability both of our employees and of the research facilities to ensure we stay at the leading edge of catalysis, process development and instrumentation in our core areas.

We are fortunate to have outstanding employees with huge experience in an unusually broad range of capabilities of relevance to all sectors of the chemical, petrochemical and refinery industries.

We often work in partnership with other organisations worldwide to accelerate the commercialization of new technology solutions for our customers which we then bring to wider application through technology licensing or direct product sales.  We are always keen to understand the technical challenges facing chemical producers and seek to find ways to bring our expertise to bear to offer profitable solutions.