Our Customer center is a tool packed with valuable information for any company running a formaldehyde plant and using the FORMOX catalysts.
Here you find technical information and recommendations regarding plant operation, maintenance & troubleshooting, raw materials and product analysis purchase statistics status of the spent catalyst and ceramic rings you have returned to us. We also keep specific statistics for customer purchases and spent catalyst transactions. This makes it easy to keep track of amounts and resources bought in the past and also a hint of what to expect from future spent catalyst returns.

The main part is a searchable document database, containing loads of technical documents.  The following topics are covered.

  • Analysis
  • Catalyst loading
  • Catalysts
  • EHS
  • Maintenance
  • Optimal plant operation
  • Product data sheets
  • Products
  • Raw material and utilities
  • Recycling of catalyst and ceramic rings
  • Urea Formaldehyde Concentration

The Customer Center is of course free to use for our customers. As parts of the available information are customer specific, a username and a password is required. To Customer Center

Customer Center


Customer Newsletter providing informal information about formaldehyde to its global producers.


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