Johnson Matthey develops, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance FORMOX™ FORMOX high performance catalystscatalysts to match the specific needs of all types of oxide processes – not only our own. Our catalysts are manufactured under our close supervision at the site in Perstorp, Sweden.

By carefully coordinating the choice of catalyst with the loading plan, we enable formaldehyde producers to achieve optimum performance and economy. This is based on close cooperation and a clear understanding of your production goals and conditions. This in turn is why we always prioritise long-term relationships over quick sales. In other words, our dedicated long-term service offering makes a clear difference on your bottom line.

Tailored to perform

A formaldehyde catalyst is part of a system - one that is as complex as the number of operation parameters involved. Getting the most out of the catalysts in terms of yield and economy requires a thorough understanding not only of how your plant works, but of what you want from it. Our catalysts represent top-of-the-line quality and performance in every respect. But above all it is our vast experience of plant operation, under various conditions, that gives us the expertise to be able to assure you optimum performance in your plant.

Our understanding of every aspect, from selectivity to hotspot behavior to degradation, in various plants, enables us to give you constant support and ensure maximum cost efficiency.

Our catalyst R&D is intensive and ongoing. We have the capacity for sophisticated simulations, for advanced pilot studies, even for full-scale testing at our own plants. The purpose is the same as for our plants; to give you the most formaldehyde for the least methanol.







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