Johnson Matthey conducts extensive R&D work to further improve catalyst performance and lifetime, as well as to optimise performance for each customer's operating conditions. Our R&D work takes place on several levels:

  • Pure research. We both conduct and sponsor scientific studies down to the atomic level, sometimes in collaboration with leading universities.
  • Simulations. We utilised advanced software to set up simulations that test the viability of various catalyst properties and operating parameters in a cyber environment before taking the most promising tests to the next level.
  • Lab-scale testing. We have our own lab-scale testing facilities that give a good indication of the feasibility of new ideas.
  • Full-scale testing. If a new formulation, loading plan or other variation has shown sufficient promise in simulations and lab-scale testing, its time to demonstrate in full scale. Much of this testing is done in Sweden, but in some cases we may collaborate with a customer in order to assess the full-scale performance under full-blown, real-life conditions. Only if the results are fully satisfactory do we introduce the new development on the market.











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