Loading plan design assistance
Thanks to our extensive experience and powerful simulation programs, we can help you achieve the optimum for your particular design and circumstances.

Fast, reliable delivery
We offer great flexibility to meet your catalyst needs, even in emergencies.

Loading assistance
Careful loading of the catalyst is essential for efficient operation of the plant, Johnson Matthey  offer a reloading service that is both fast and accurate, usually speeding up the turnaround to just a few days. At the same time, outsourcing this task allows your personnel to focus on maintenance during the reloading shutdown.

Repurchase of spent catalysts

We will repurchase and reprocess your spent catalyst. This unique offer gives you several significant benefits:

- You get a lower net cost for your catalyst (we credit your next catalyst purchase).
- We wash and return your ceramic rings, so you can keep your costs down.
- This service reduces expensive waste management at your plant.
- Your spent material is treated in an environmentally safe way.

Continuous technical support

Johnson Matthey's service doesn't end when the FORMOX™ catalyst is installed. You continue to receive continuous, first-class technical assistance to assure optimum catalyst utilisation throughout the operation of each catalyst load, when changing loads and when restarting each time. Our customers are invited to regularly send data on the status of their operations for us to analyse. This information, which is treated strictly confidentially, enables us to give prompt recommendations for adjustments.

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