No other process gives you as much formaldehyde (or UFC) per ton of methanol. Since methanol is the chief cost of formaldehyde/UFC production, the FORMOX™ process means superior overall economy.
The process enables the production of concentrations above 55%, which means reduced costs of downstream production, storage and transport.

How it works

This drawing gives you a rough idea of how the FORMOX™ process is configured;

There are of course many variations, different capacity range and setups to meet different customer needs. But the principle is always the same: the most HCHO out of the least MeOH.

Advantages of the FORMOX™ process

What makes the FORMOX™ process the single most widely used formaldehyde process in the world today? The list below covers some of the principal benefits;

  • designed & supplied based on in-depth understanding of process, plants & catalysts
  • superior yield
  • high formaldehyde concentration (above 55%)
  • low MeOH content in the product
  • high steam production
  • high level of safety
  • Improved Carbon footprint (JM Sustainability)
  • simple, reliable operation
  • low total operating costs
  • quality equipment at a competitive price
  • fast, on-time delivery
  • strong technical support & service
  • simple and reliable UFC adaptation

Typical product properties

Formaldehyde content:     37 - 57% as desired

Methanol content:              0,3 - 0,5% (in 37%)*

Formic acid content:          0,010 - 0,030% (in 37%)

(All values expressed as weight %)

* A lower methanol content can be achieved if needed. Contact us for details. For the few applications where a higher methanol content may be required, pure methanol is easily added to the product without losing the economic advantages of a highly efficient process.

Our active R&D has led to constant improvement in plant performance. The figures you see here are actual performance figures that are typical for today’s plants operating with the FORMOX™ process. We don’t quote theoretical fantasies!

Typical performance figures
(based on 37 wt-% concentration)


Per metric ton

Per 1 000 lbs




Electricity (for blower)

30-70 kWh

15-30 kWh (2)

Cooling water

35 m3

4 200 US gal


0.03-.0.5 kg


Steam produced (4)

780 kg

1 720 lbs

Steam pressure

12-22 bar g

174-319 psi

(1) Molar yield of 92.6-93.7% (15.55-15.75 lbs/US gal @ 60ºF).

(2) Range covering different power saving options and age of catalyst.

(3) 20,000-30,000 kg (lbs) of formaldehyde per kg (lb) catalyst, depending on operating conditions.

(4) Saturated steam - steam can be exported as an option.


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