Formaldehyde plant Duratex

FORMOX™ catalysts and technology for formaldehyde production

Johnson Matthey's FORMOX™ is a leading global brand - a provider of plants, catalysts and licenses for the manufacture of formaldehyde; an important and versatile chemical intermediate used by a wide range of advanced technology industries. We have developed a market leading range of new metal oxide based catalysts for the production of formaldehyde from methanol. As the leading provider of process technology for metal oxide based formaldehyde production worldwide, we are proud to be the only supplier to offer a complete package;

  • outstanding process technology
  • complete and tailored plants
  • full range of high-performance catalysts
  • long-term technical support for our customers.

From the development in 1959 in Perstorp, Sweden, there has been continuous evolving of the FORMOX™ process, technology and catalysts. The FORMOX™ process has been sold to more than 150 plants in 35 countries. Our catalysts are used in the majority of oxide process plants worldwide, giving us a unique bank of experience to draw upon.

FORMOX mission

Based on a unique combination of experience and expertise in formaldehyde production, plant technology and catalysts, we build long-term relationships with HCHO and UFC producers by providing the highest standards in safe, trouble-free and cost efficient technology as well as in technical support.

FORMOX™ is a trademark of the Johnson Matthey group of companies.