KATALCO PERFORMANCE environmental performance Johnson Matthey

Acceptable environmental performance is essential to maintain a license to operate, financial performance and the standing of a company within the business community and society. A company's responsible care image is important and like quality, is an integral aspect to business.

Legislation changes with time. Consequently companies have to adapt to the often-tightening pressure on environmental performance. KATALCO PERFORMANCE has significant experience in helping customers focus on defining and delivering a sustainable environmental plan. Whether it is improving plant efficiency and reducing emissions, installing our low methanol catalyst for Low Temperature Shift (LTS) or strategies to reduce NOx from your steam reformer or nitric acid plant, we have a solution for you.


  • Energy management consultancy
  • Pure converter engineering studies
  • Start-up assistance
  • Reformer surveys
  • Measurement of remnant catalyst bed life

In addition KATALCO PERFORMANCE provides an innovative range of solutions to address environmental issues:

  • Installing KATALCO 83-3X reduces methanol production by more than 80%
  • John Zink manufactures low NOx burners. Which reduce the NOx emissions from approximately 60-90 ppmv to 20ppmv
  • Successful venting study reviews have been completed for a number of customers to help in the reduction of unflared emissions resulting in environmental complaints.