KATALCO PERFORMANCE increasing throughput Johnson Matthey

Whether you are looking to optimize the current operation of your reformer or are considering a full plant revamp, KATALCO PERFORMANCE can help you achieve your goals. Full plant simulation models are created rapidly using the Aspen Technology's HYSYS modelling tool. Proprietary extensions, developed by Johnson Matthey, incorporating detailed kinetics of all syngas catalytic unit operations to enable a wide range of options to be reviewed in a short time frame.

KATALCO  PERFORMANCE can assist in every stage of project delivery from conceptual ideas through to detailed design and implementation.

Examples include:

  • Revamp studies
  • Pre-reformer scoping
  • STREAMLINE pressure drop reduction
  • Secondary reformer high intensity burner
  • Convertor internals design and supply
  • Continuous reformer monitoring system
  • Detailed reformer surveys