KATALCO PERFORMANCE reliability and integrity Johnson Matthey

Benchmarking has shown that world-class petrochemical plants typically achieve 98% occupancy. However, many plants fall significantly short of this at 75-80%. Plant reliability is not just asset related as people and practices, processes and systems may also contribute. KATALCO PERFORMANCE offers a suite of products that can help you monetize this opportunity by increasing the reliability and therefore availability of your plant.

The benefits of reliability improvement covers the whole business; from operators, maintenance and sales through to your customer. Our teams of functional engineers from different specialities are available to help. Our focus is to help you achieve high plant occupacity and quality from routine operations and maintenance activities.

The range of KATALCO PERFORMANCE services for increasing integrity and reliability is extensive. Some of the products available are listed below.


Examples include:

  • LOTIS and MANTIS inspection
  • Gold cup reformer survey
  • Reduction and start-up assistance
  • Asset life and reliability studies
  • Continuous reformer monitoring system
  • Process hazard review studies
  • CatTracker multipoint thermocouples.