Working with strategic alliance partners, we offer a wide range of services to address the key issues for your plant relating to catalysts and other equipment.

Our alliance partners include:


Johnson Matthey work in partnership with ABB to identify and implement pragmatic solutions based on technical excellence and industry expertise. Together we provide the full solution, from the identification of potential issues, right through to implementation to ensure benefits are realized through:

  • reduced risk
  • optimized costs
  • improved efficiency

Daily Thermetrics

Daily Thermetrics provides the process industries with precise temperature measurement instrumentation. Renowned for quality, engineering and delivering to demanding needs, with patents on CatTrackerTM technology, Daily Instruments provide temperature measurement devices worldwide.

Johnson Matthey have an exclusive partnership for the supply and installation of the CatTracker into reformer tubes. This brings together applications and a unique temperature measurement and patented loading technique. The collaboration also extends to fixed bed applications.


Jobs provide engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance management technology to primary process industries.

Recognising that to enable full execution of projects, Johnson Matthey have partnered with Jacobs to provide detailed engineering and project delivery expertise.



LAND specialize in the design and manufacture of infrared temperature measurement, process and thermal imaging combustion efficiency and environmental emissions monitoring and are the world leader in the design and application of infrared temperature measurement for industry.

Johnson Matthey have an exclusive partnership agreement with LAND for the supply of our proprietary Gold Cup contact pyrometer and the Reformer Imager to the syngas industries.

Quest Integrity Group

Quest Intgerity Group LLC provides highly accurate technology-enabled inspection and assessment solutions that help companies in the process, pipeline and power industries increase profitability, reduce operational and safety risks and improve operational planning.

Services include LOTISTM and MANTISTM (internal and external) steam reformer tube inspection services and remaining life analysis using their LifeQuest Reformer software. It is in this area that Johnson Matthey and Quest have an alliance.

Schmidt + Clemens

Schmidt + Clemens is a privately owned German Group that is truly global. The group of companies are leading international specialists in the supply of high-alloy centrifugal castings for plant components. This exceptional position is the result of years of experience and collaborative research and development, as well as the most stringent quality requirements in melting, casting, machining and fabrication of special alloys.

Uhde ThyssenKrupp

The close partnership between Uhde and Johnson Matthey builds on the traditional strengths of the two companies. It takes advantage of Uhde's experience in design, engineering and project execution together with our know-how in catalysis, operating syngas plants and related services. This strong collaboration ensures that the Uhde ammonia process is optimized to take best advantage of the latest high performance KATALCOJM catalysts, thus improving efficiency and lowering costs. The most recent development in ammonia synthesis loop design has come as a direct result of this partnership. The Uhde Dual Pressure Process allows a step change in new plant build capacity to be achieved.

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