Johnson Matthey is one of the world’s leading methanol technology and catalyst providers, with over half of the world’s licensed methanol plants based on our DAVY™ technology.

The methanol industry as we know it today is based almost entirely around the low pressure methanol process technology and catalysts developed and commercialized by ICI in the 1960s.  That process technology legacy resides within Johnson Matthey, and has been further developed through our DAVY technology licensing. 

Our flowsheet for producing methanol is based on three key steps:

Reforming – converting natural gas to synthesis gas (syngas – CO, CO2 & H2)

Synthesis – converting syngas to methanol (CH3OH)

Distillation – product purification

We have developed a suite of technology options to deliver methanol processes that are optimised to best serve our clients’ needs.

  • Methanol production using steam methane reforming
  • Methanol production using combined reforming
  • Methanol production using gas heated reformer and auto-thermal reformer

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