Biorenewables Johnson Matthey


Offering a range of high performance catalysts, absorbents and process technologies for the advanced biofuel and biochemical markets

Custom catalysts Johnson Matthey

Custom catalysts

Johnson Matthey is much more than a supplier of off-the-shelf catalysts. We will advise on selection from our wide range of base and precious metal catalysts, using our expertise and facilities to test and approve the choice of catalyst for your application.

Protelec getters Johnson Matthey


PROTELECJM getter materials designed by Johnson Matthey are used throughout different industries to ensure a hermetic environment is available within electronics packages such as source lasers, gyroscopes, microwaves and medical packaging to prevent premature device failure.

Formaldehyde Johnson Matthey Formox


Formaldehyde is an extremely versatile and important chemical building block with excellent binding and preservative properties and has a number of different applications. Johnson Matthey Formox is the leading provider of process technology and catalysts for metal oxide based formaldehyde production worldwide.

Gas processing Johnson Matthey

Gas processing

Our product range for purifying conventional and unconventional natural gas includes specialty absorbents for the removal of mercury, sulphur, carbonyl sulphide and arsine from both gases and liquids.

Oleochemicals Johnson Matthey


Available in the following applications: Fats & Oils, Oleochemcials, Pharmaceuticals, Polyols, Specialty Chemicals.

Petrochemical Johnson Matthey


Available in the following applications: aniline, caprolactam, COD destruction, fluorochemicals, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite destruction, odour removal, olefins, oxo-alcohols, solvents, specialty amines, VOC destruction.

Refineries Johnson Matthey


Catalysts, absorbents, additives and process technologies for refineries including FCC additives and addition system, on-purpose hydrogen production, specialty purification and hydroprocessing.

Syngas Johnson Matthey


Our product range includes world leading catalysts, services and technologies for ammonia, methanol, SNG, GTL, hydrogen and CO2 manufacture.