Medium temperature and isothermal shift catalysts

KATALCO 83-6 medium temperature shift catalysts are designed with the highest thermal stability. In addition their self-guarding capability maintains poisons, such as sulphur and chloride in the top part of the catalyst bed, even after that portion of the bed has deactivated. KATALCO 83-6 has established long lives, allowing alignment of lifecycles with the hydroprocessing units being fed by the hydrogen plants.

KATALCO 83-5 isothermal shift catalysts are designed to provide thermal stability and high CO conversion activity to meet the compact, high heat transfer conditions of steam raising isothermal reactor technologies. KATALCO 83-5 has proven experience and reliable performance for these isothermal reactors.

The range includes:

  • KATALCO  83-6
  • KATALCO 83-5


Product bulletins:

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