Mercury removal for refineries Johnson Matthey

Mercury content in crude oil is a growing problem for refiners worldwide. As refiners look for 'opportunity crudes' or purchased crudes on an increasingly open market, there is increased potential to process crude oil that contains mercury. Mercury exists in certain belts around the world, with Asia-Pacific having the highest general concentration worldwide. However, mercury is present in crudes present globally, with new sources being discovered even outside of existing known belts.

It is also expected that much of the mercury in crude oil and refined product streams will exist in its elemental form. Elemental mercury is a relatively low boiling species and data suggests that it will primarily fractionate in to the naphtha cut. Mercury present could poison downstream catalysts such as in the catalytic reformer or isomerisation unit. The PURASPEC portfolio contains a number of adsorbents which are designed to allow for the effective removal of mercury from naphtha and other gaseous effluent streams. These sorbents have been carefully designed to provide the highest active metal content, optimal dispersion and the best mass transfer characteristics.

The result - Johnson Matthey is the industry leader in mercury removal and best enables refiners to protect their catalysts and assets, maximizing profitability. Johnson Matthey has and does provide both sorption beds and full technology solutions to help refiners meet their operating objectives.

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