PURASPEC mercury removal Johnson Matthey

PURASPEC absorbents for mercury removal from natural gas

Almost all hydrocarbons contain mercury.  In the case of natural gas and natural gas liquids it is likely to be present as elemental mercury whilst in crude oil it may also be present as organo-metallic and ionic mercury.  Concentration levels vary from 0.01 to 5000 micrograms per normal cubic metre.

The main areas of concern with mercury are:

  • Exposure of workers to high levels of mercury during maintenance operations
  • Corrosion of process equipment due to liquid metal embrittlement or amalgam corrosion
  • Poisoning of expensive downstream precious metal catalysts such as platinum or palladium
  • Difficulty in disposal of mercury contaminated equipment
  • Emissions to the environment
  • Potential liabilities resulting from mercury contaminated product streams


Unlike many other mercury removal solutions the PURASPEC material is a mixed metal sulphide and thus the bed can be located upstream of dryers and of the acid gas treatment section of the plant.  Therefore the PURASPEC bed provides protection for much of the plant and avoids the problems and costs associated with widespread plant contamination and mercury emissions that have been encountered by many operators.


  • PURASPEC for selective purification of condensate
  • PURASPEC for selective purification of condensate where water wetting occurs
  • PURASPEC for selective purification of hydrocarbon/natural gas streams (C1-C4 or higher in some cases)
  • PURASPEC for selective purification of LNG
  • PURASPEC for selective purification of NGL
  • PURASPEC for selective purification of vent gas
  • PURASPECfor the selective purification of shale gas

 Product benefits

  • Low and stable pressure drop due to high particle strength
  • Cost effective mercury removal
  • Reliable performance and long predictable lives
  • Mercury removal to very low levels
  • Highest product capacities in the market
  • Easy disposal as mercury is chemically absorbed to give stable metal sulphide
  • Material can be fully re-processed
  • This new generation absorbent does not contain associated hydrocarbons


Please note that this is not the complete range of PURASPEC absorbents for mercury removal. Johnson Matthey representatives should be consulted to determine which product is most appropriate for any given application/duty.