Methanation for olefin production Johnson Matthey

Hydrogen produced as a by-product of ethylene production contains 500 to 5,000 ppm carbon monoxide. The concentration of carbon monoxide must be reduced to less than 10 ppm prior to use in reactors containing palladium or platinum based catalysts.

The most common method of carbon monoxide reduction is nickel catalyst based methanation. Purification using pressure swing adsorption, cryogenic ethane wash and low temperature ruthenium catalysts are also used.

KATALCO 11-4 is the widely suitable replacement catalyst for all designs of methanators. KATALCO 11-4M provides higher activity for higher GHSV operation with a slight increase in pressure drop.

The pre-reduced catalysts KATALCO 11-4R and 11-4MR have been reduced and stabilised with an oxide layer which makes the catalyst stable in air and prevents further re-oxidation. These catalysts require no activation stage and initiate methanation at maximum activity as soon as reaction conditions are established.