Methanol catalysts from Johnson Matthey

Within the methanol industry, Johnson Matthey is seen as the world leader with the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge. This position has been developed through a combination of our technology and catalyst development efforts alongside the experience gained from the large number of plants that use them. It has been further underpinned by operating experience in the methanol plants formerly operated by ICI, which ensures that Johnson Matthey understands your needs as a plant operator better than any other catalyst provider.

Our focus is on delivering the best plant performance in the world. We have on-going development programmes producing new and better catalysts and our applications know-how and services enable the best performance to be achieved from these products. The overall impact of Johnson Matthey’s new catalysts and technology can be to improve methanol plant costs by millions of dollars every year.

Our KATALCO range provides all of the catalytic steps required for methanol manufacture from all feedstocks, be it natural gas, coal or biomass.