Methanol synthesis catalysts Johnson Matthey

Since we first developed low pressure methanol technology and the KATALCO 51-series catalyst in the 1960s Johnson Matthey has continued to improve catalyst performance. KATALCO 51-1 was the first three-component methanol synthesis catalyst comprising zinc oxide and alumina as the support with copper as the active catalytic component.

Successive generations of KATALCO 51-series catalysts have been developed to give increasing activity, selectivity and stability, thus ensuring ever more efficient operation whatever the source of syngas.

In recent years KATALCO APICO™ 51-100, the new, ground-breaking methanol synthesis catalyst has been launched. Offering plant operators more from less, KATALCO APICO 51-100 is a pre-reduced and stabilised methanol synthesis catalyst - eliminating the time-consuming reduction that is required for conventional catalysts. This combined with industry-leading strength means catalysts can operate longer and maintain physical integrity during loading, operation and discharge.

The current range includes:                                                                         Methanol synthesis loop

  • KATALCO 51-7
  • KATALCO 51-8
  • KATALCO 51-8S
  • KATALCO 51-9
  • KATALCO 51-9S
  • KATALCO APICO 51-100


Product bulletins:

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