Johnson Matthey is the world’s leading supplier of methanol and syngas technologies, with manufacturers in 32 countries using our processes.

Use of our low pressure methanol (LPM) technology has increased steadily over the years and has been the cornerstone of the methanol industry .  

Johnson Matthey has the most extensive portfolio of catalysts and technologies for syngas preparation and methanol production. Our complementary skills and capabilities allow us to provide:

  • world-class technology
  • high performance catalysts
  • conceptual design and licensing
  • basic and detailed engineering
  • commissioning and start-up
  • on-going operational support.


Whether a client wants large or small capacity in high or low cost gas areas, to build on a ship that will access gas from remote fields, or to use syngas generated from coal as a feedstock, the technology exists within Johnson Matthey to meet these requirements.


Revamp designs to improve plant performance

Johnson Matthey also offer revamp designs to improve methanol plant performance, whether the initial licensor was Johnson Matthey or not. We are able to offer a wide variety of improvements to methanol plants.