Johnson Matthey offers oxo-alcohol processes and a complete range of catalysts suitable for oxo-alcohol manufacture.


Johnson Matthey licenses its DAVY™ oxo alcohols process based on LP OxoSM - the world’s leading technology for manufacturing oxo alcohols from olefins.

LP OxoSM, developed in partnership with The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), offers licensees a combination of superior catalyst systems and a simple flowsheet, which results in few equipment items, low investment cost, and high feedstock efficiency in a plant that is environmentally compliant, reliable, easy to operate, and maintain.

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Johnson Matthey also offer the complete range of catalysts for the manufacture of oxo-alcohols via a number of process routes, using both base metal and pgm catalysts.


Alcohols value chain

LP Oxo is a service mark of The Dow Chemical Company.