Propylene purification Johnson Matthey


Propylene is a valuable and important product from the refinery, typically originating from the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) process. These streams are typically fractionated to a propane/propylene mixture, after which a separation splitter is required to produce a high purity propylene stream. Prior to going into the open market or to downstream chemical processes, there is likely a need to remove contaminants from the olefins that are present. The main contaminants that refiners are concerned with are chloride, sulphur, and arsenic.

The PURASPEC product range contains a suite of specially designed propylene treating catalysts and adsorbents which are tailored for the removal of sulphur (H2S, COS, mercaptans) and arsine, among other contaminants. The PURASPEC range of sorbents operate using a simple fixed bed design that can achieve maximum operating life and minimum life-cycle costs. Johnson Matthey provides catalyst, adsorbents, absorbents, and full technology solutions to help refiners meet their operating objectives. For further information please contact us.

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