PROTELEC getters Johnson Matthey

PROTELEC getter technology

Johnson Matthey's range of PROTELEC getters is used throughout the electronics industry to ensure a hermetic environment is maintained within electronics packages such as source lasers, gyroscopes, microwaves and medical packaging, to prevent premature device failure.

With the need for electronics packaging to get smaller and smaller, the use of high reliability scavengers to prevent the build-up of unwanted species is becoming more commonplace.  Such contaminants include moisture, hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and organic compounds, outgas from the metalized layers within the package or from components within the packaging.  If these unwanted species were allowed to reside inside the package, the hermetic atmosphere of the device would be at risk.

The use of a getter within a hermetic device is a well-known solution to capture any adventitiously absorbed species that outgas during use. The more novel applications of such getters not only remove moisture but also CO2, H2 and small organics that may be present due to epoxide or solvent degradation.

PROTELEC getters can be used in a number of applications across a variety of markets including, military, aerospace, oil and gas, high reliability telecoms and in consumer markets.