PROTELEC HGI high capacity inks

PROTELECJM HGI-series, high capacity inks

The PROTELECJM HGI-series offers outstanding performance. Our family of high capacity ink getters offer many of the performance advantages of the tablet getters at a fraction of the cost.  PROTELECJM inks are suitable for devices which do not have the required internal volume to accommodate a tablet getter and housing.

Supplied as a cured deposit on a suitable substrate (typically a package lid) these PROTELECJM inks are activated prior to use to ensure that 100% of the capacity is available. Activation temperatures are low (typically 90°C-110°C / 194°F-230°F) for a short time (typically four-six hours). These parameters are flexible. Frequently the standard pre-lid seal bake will be suitable as an activation step for the getter. PROTELECJM inks are stable at temperatures up to 140 °C (284°F), for higher temperature applications, tablets are more commonly used as their stability at temperatures up to 450 °C (842°F)is well documented.

HGI-series at a glance