PROTELEC High temperature adsorbent tablet

PROTELECJM HTA-series, high temperature absorbent tablets.

The PROTELECJM HTA-series of high performance getter tablets provide a sorption solution for unwanted contaminants in hermetically sealed devices.

They provide high performance moisture adsorption and can be tailored towards other contaminant species including H2, CO2 and NMP.  The PROTELECJM getter formulation incorporates the required amount of zeolite with other additives to provide bespoke solutions for customers' needs.

PROTELECJM getter tablets are stable at a range of temperatures from 0°C to 450°C (32-752°F) and some as high as 800°C (1472°F) depending on the application.  This makes them the material of choice for many high reliability applications.  Due to the inorganic nature of the tablets, there is no outgassing risk within the package and the PROTELECJM tablets can aid in adsorbing any other unwanted outgassing materials from epoxy resins, glues and plating commonly found within the electronics packages.

Johnson Matthey's PROTELECJM getters have outstanding lifespan and can work for up to 25 years within the 980 laser pump diode butterfly packages.

HTA-series at a glance